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Identity Services:Launching Soon (Sep 7, 2020)
Nameserver and DNS Zone Hosting:Launching Soon (Sep 21, 2020)
Email Hosting:Launching Soon (Oct 5, 2020)
Storage Hosting:Coming Soon
Web Hosting and Services:Coming Soon
VPN Services:Under Development
Content Delivery Network:Coming Soon
Server/Metal Management Services:Under Development (Est Nov, 2020)
Continous Integration/Deployment Services:Under Development (Est Nov, 2020)
Load Testing Services:Coming Soon
Datalake and Analytics:Coming Soon
Are you excited?

So are we! Get any part of your business running quickly and reliably with Nullabyte software services, managing your userbase, employees, customers from a single federated location.
Integrate directly with Active Directory, LDAP and other authentication providers to automatically provision users onto your services in line with your pre-existing user infrastructure.

Nullabyte Logo
Why Choose Nullabyte?

With a guaranteed 99% uptime according to our Service Level Agreement (SLA), you can be sure that your business is in reliable hands. Worry about your business as usual, not if your email isn't working!

Along with our high levels of service and quality, you'll also benefit from pricing competitive with the rest of the market. Keep your business with Nullabyte, and you'll also receive additional discounts!

How do I get started?

Nullabyte is currently only accepting new customers under an invite-only schedule. If you'd like to become an early adopter of Nullabyte's service, you can contact us here with information about your business and the services you require.
We will assess your eligibility to our early-entry scheme, and provide you with a registration invitation.
Acceptance into the early-entry scheme is wholly at the discretion of Nullabyte.


Identity Services in development
2020-08-02 8:43 AM, AEST

Development has begun on Nullabyte Identity Services! Federation identity with an OAuth login provider, you can register your own custom services to use your userbase from Nullabyte.
Integrate with AD and LDAP to automatically provision new users into your account pool!

Webmail available in Dev
2020-07-26 2:18 PM, AEST

Nullabyte Webmail and Email services have launched into the development environment. The service is now available for use by all registered users and accounts.

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